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12 décembre 2014

No matter how evolved our society, when it comes to the kitchen let’s be honest women think they ought to have the decent cooking skills to impress, and automatically assume that men are lousy cooks.

Today was the day I was reminded that some men can cook something else than tuna pasta and protein shakes (in my world this is the men’s traditional dishes).


90% of my co-workers, 70% of my friends, 65% of my family are men. Spending most of my time being the girl in a testosterone filled environment, I tend to take my role a little bit too seriously. Or should I say my roles since I’d be the nurturing mom, caring nurse, sweet sister, funny friend and psychologist at the same time. Everyone has got a part to play I’d take over the sweet and caring with a touch of pouting character, they’d be the needy muscular part with a ladle of teasing and jackassery.


Anyways, I was having lunch at work with my colleague Schmidt when the office accountant stopped by to thank me for the great recipe I had given her the day before. It was my to die for Thaï curry, which to my surprise got Schmidt interested and led to a delicious conversation about Thaï food, ingredient, and cooking tips. Guys are well aware of what we think of their cooking style, so I could see on his face what an ego boost my wide oppened eyes was listening to him brag about his special green curry recipe that he will make me in exchange of me baking him my white chocolate and lemon brownie.

And so I did:

200g of white chocolate
200g of butter
200g of sugar
100g of flour
4 eggs
2 tablespoon of lemon juice

Preheat oven to 180°C
Melt the butter with the white chocolate and stir until smooth.
In a bowl mix the eggs with the suger together.
Slowly incorporate the butter and chocolate, add the lemon juice with a bit of vanilla essence. Stir in the flour until well combined.
Bake for 35 minutes. Refrigirate before cutting into squares.

It lasted 15 minutes at the office and I got enough kisses, delighted exclamations and emoticonnes filled emails to make me smile all day.

Now I am waiting for my dinner invitation to taste that fine male made cuisine to be totally freed from an archaic gender prejudice… and also because I always enjoy a free meal.
-(of course I will give you my curry recipe don’t worry- or his if it turned out to be better than mine; I doubt it, I mean I am okay with the fact that men can cook but I am the girl therefore I do it better)

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