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22 novembre 2014

I have hesitated a few hours before I could decide whether or not to start with the juicier story I have heard this week. Since it is actually the one that gave me the idea of writing this blog I figured I might as well. Plus this is without a doubt not the last one I will hear about this month.

« Do you think it would be wrong to sleep with a married man that I work with? » *

This is the text I received from my friend Samantha that led me to decide that it was time to meet up and catch up. After going over her new diet (low-carb) and my fashion issues (desperately in the search for the perfect winter coat) it was finally time to make her spill.

He is a middle aged decent looking man, no Clooney doppelganger but works in a suit and happens to be one of her supervisor which makes him hotter than he actually is. It all started with a casual innocent flirty conversation about vacation pictures. It quickly turned kinky when he asked to see pictures of her in less covering clothes. Samantha not being the shy&blushing kind of girl went on with it and sent to the man sexy undressed picture of her she had rom the time she did long distance relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Then started the hot email exchange, you know the kind where he would tell her what her outfit of the day inspired him, to which she would respond very descriptively what she wanted him to do to her. I was speechless listening to her movie-like story. Of course followed a few making out sessions when they would “accidentally” bump into each other on the elevator. One of those hot elevator’s meeting eventually brought them to the underground parking where they could take the foreplays a little bit further. The fact that they still until today haven’t passed the foreplay part got them both pretty worked-up and frustrated. A lunch date has been planned which I thought will maybe help those crazy kids cool things down, until poor Samantha whimpered that she really really really wants to sleep with him and that it has been 4 months of abstinence for her. My guess is this will be more of a meeting to decide which hotel to pick for a hot shameful sex session.

Either you are a man or a woman, having an affair at the office is one of the hottest fantasy ever, the build-up when seeing each other all day without being able to touch, the teasing via internal emails, the exciting fear of being caught. Now of course the him being married part is not pretty but this was not the point here, the #CheatingBastard will come later.

* The correct answer to that question is obviously YES it would be wrong. But obviously, unfortunately this is not what I replied. I am a deeply flawed girl.

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